Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Omega 3 DHA EPA Study + Research - Brain + Heart Health and Fats NuIQue Omega 3 DHA EPA

Omega 3 DHA EPA Study + Research - Brain + Heart Health and Fats NuIQue Omega 3 DHA EPA

 Brain Fats vs Bottom Fats
Fats for our brains not more fats for our bums needed

A review of the article in the Daily Mail that looks at a number of studies on Omega 3 essential fats DHA and EPA and their role in brain health

Leading health consultant and Nutritionist in London Yvonne Bishop-Weston reveals “It’s not just transfats that make it difficult to attain the optimum balance of omega 3 fats from our diet. We need a number of vitamins and minerals such as b vitamins and zinc to process basic omega 3 fats into longer chain EPA and DHA. The modern half food diet of junk food rather than whole food is deficient in these nutrients. The balance and ratio of tryglycerides and omega 6 and omega 3 plays a part too as they need similar nutrients and enzymes to be processed. If your little bit of omega 3 is crowded out and last in the queue at the bus stop it won’t get to your brain where its’ needed. If you get tested and find you have insufficient DHA for optimal health and reduced risk of disease , combined with a healthier diet, a very pure EPA/ DHA supplement is the most reliable to get you back on track
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See also a review of Fish oil / Cod Liver oil vs Vegetarian Omega 3 DHA supplements

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cocoa may enhance skeletal muscle function

Cocoa may enhance skeletal muscle function

Healthy Dark Chocolate

"More evidence that dark chocolate is good for you" says London Nutrition expert Yvonne Bishop-Weston (with a smile)

Dark Chocolate Flavanoids good for bones and heart

A clinical trial led by researchers at UC San Diego School of Medicine and VA San Diego Healthcare System (VASDHS) found that patients with advanced heart failure and type 2 diabetes showed improved mitochondrial structure after three months of treatment with epicatechin-enriched cocoa. Epicatechin is a flavonoid found in dark chocolate.

The results of this initial study has led to the implementation of larger, placebo-controlled clinical trial at UC San Diego School of Medicine and VASDHS to assess if patients with heart failure and diabetes show improvement in their exercise capacity when treated with epicatechin-rich cocoa.

The results, which mimicked earlier studies showing improvement in skeletal and heart muscle function

University of California, San Diego Health Sciences (2012, March 2). Cocoa may enhance skeletal muscle function. ScienceDaily.

Pam R. Taub, Israel Ramirez-Sanchez, Theodore P. Ciaraldi, Guy Perkins, Anne N. Murphy, Robert Naviaux, Michael Hogan, Alan S. Maisel, Robert R. Henry, Guillermo Ceballos, Francisco Villarreal. Alterations in Skeletal Muscle Indicators of Mitochondrial Structure and Biogenesis in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes and Heart Failure: Effects of Epicatechin Rich Cocoa. Clinical and Translational Science, 2012; 5 (1): 43 DOI:

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Faulty fat sensor implicated in obesity and liver disease

Faulty fat sensor implicated in obesity and liver disease

More research that shows a link between lack of Omega 3 fats and obesity

Public Sector - Lifestyle - Lifestyle - Why are Brits not as healthy as they think?

Public Sector - Lifestyle - Lifestyle - Why are Brits not as healthy as they think?

This time it's not London Nutrition expert Yvonne Bishop-Weston but Tony who gets quoted for a change

Tony also argues that we are not being given the right guidelines to live by. “The first thing that the health professional decision makers have to understand is that all calories are not equal”, he says. “500 calories of sugar, simple carbohydrates and saturated animal fat has a totally different effect on the body as 500 calories of antioxidant, fibre, essential fat, vitamin and mineral rich foods.

“The Oxford study on heart health suggests we don’t reap any meaningful benefit from fruit and vegetables until we reach eight portions of fruit and vegetables per day, not five.”

“The obvious solution would be to remove subsidies on foods rich in saturated animal fats and sugar so that it reflects its’ true cost”, he says. “Fast food restaurants would have no option but to be more creative with fruit and vegetables as in Thai, Chinese and Indian cuisine.”

Save the NHS

38 Degrees | Donate to buy NHS billboard ads

Do you think the NHS will be improved by being turned from a not for profit organisation to one run by profit motivated companies legally obligated to make as much profit as possible for their shareholders? Should money be plowed into investment to help the UK be more healthy or line the pockets of investors?

In the USA the stranglehold on health by pharmaceutical companies, Insurance companies and Hospitals has meant that US businesses can no longer afford healthcare for their employees - people can't afford to be ill, they have no choice but to sue someone.

You choose. New more expensive NHS based on US insurance run system run by supermarket managers and catering companies or a system run by health professional experts who understand about health. The more polititians tinker with things they know nothing about the worse it will get.